John McGahern with Hermione Lee, 7 April 2004 – Audio

Recorded at the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe, New Mexico on April 7th, 2004.

Irish novelist and short fiction writer, John McGahern, is considered to be one his country’s greatest living writers. In this program, he reads selections from three of his novels, The Pornographer, Amongst Women, and By the Lake, and from a short story called “Gold Watch”, before joining in a lively conversation with English literary critic and biographer, Hermione Lee.

You may learn more about this event on the Lannan website.

3 thoughts on “John McGahern with Hermione Lee, 7 April 2004 – Audio

  1. oliviab

    What an absolute treat to listen to this wonderful writer reading from his illuminating prose, and then talking with Hermione Lee about Ireland, time, change, and mystery. Time flew. Thank you so much to the Lannan Foundation for making these fine broadcasts available. They truly enrich my life.

  2. Ronan Gallagher


    Just wanted to let you all know that a film I have made on the opening of the John McGahern Library here in his beloved Leitrim, is now available to watch free at The film is called Amongst Friends and contains contributions from Johns wife Madeline and An Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Hope you like it and that you might pass on the word to those you think may be interested in seeing the film.

    Kind Regards
    Ronan Gallagher
    Iron Mountain Movies

  3. Paddy Hackett

    It appears to me that in John McGahren’s last novel flounders mid way through. Consequently the character of the novel shifts somewhat to lend it an extended life. This is why the character of Robert Booth is introduced. He is meeley inserted into the book to allow it to have an end as well as a beginning. Around the same time the character of Joe Ruttledge changes. He becomes more talkative and decisive.The relationship between the Joe and Kate is rather curious. Little conversation seems to take place between them. You would wonder why they are together at all.
    This is a flaw in the book.

    Paddy Hackett

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