Glenn Greenwald, Talk, 8 March 2011 – Video

Recorded at the James A. Little Theater in Santa Fe, New Mexico on March 8, 2011.

Glenn Greenwald is an attorney and the author of three books: How Would a Patriot Act?, A Tragic Legacy, and Great American Hypocrites. In 2009, he received an Izzy Award by the Park Center for Independent Media for his “pathbreaking journalistic courage and persistence in confronting conventional wisdom, official deception, and controversial issues.” He also received an Online Journalism Award in 2010 for Best Commentary for his coverage of U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning. Greenwald is a columnist and blogger at and has contributed to several newspapers and political news magazines.

Additional photos of this event are available on Flickr.

You may learn more about this event on the Lannan website.

15 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald, Talk, 8 March 2011 – Video

  1. Iris Vander Pluym

    This is one of Mr. Greenwald’s best presentations I’ve seen yet. He is eloquent, compelling, and, unfortunately, 100% right about the dangers of extreme secrecy and the entirely unaccountable national security state that it enables.

    Looking forward to more from Lannan; glad to know people are fighting to bring these critical issues to light.

  2. David

    I can only second the previous comment:

    “This is one of Mr. Greenwald’s best presentations I’ve seen yet. He is eloquent, compelling, and, unfortunately, 100% right.”

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  4. Scott77

    Glenn remains my hero. He’s on his way to embracing and advocating the recognition of a force powerful enough to have masterminded 9/11 as well.

  5. WideEyed

    Everyone prominent in the media get’s jolly old rides in submarines and helicopter rides to “show” what they do and all kinds of other perks that seem to make them feel brotherly love for the military. The military can do no wrong, they are keeping us safe at night.

  6. NinjaTuna

    can someone ask me which is the country with the most level of freedom of speech ? I think that after all this happen the index will be different can anybody give me a link?

  7. johny

    he’s a rare hero and very brave – one of many who deserve Nobel Peace Prize. these sneaky corrupt corporate/politicians aren’t fit to polish his shoes.
    Go Glenn!

  8. Jose Johnson

    Great Speach and 100% correct on Wikileaks.

    But if it is true that the global corporate shadow governtment Mr Greenwald talked about also wants to create a world government run by them, then it makes a lot of sense that they could be the same people behind wikileaks to discredit every governments in the world in order to give reason for a more powerful central control which is more than the UN. I think that is why wikileaks is silent on corruption in UN agencies because they are to retain credibility and evolve into the new world order.

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