by Peter Reading – Audio

, Peter Reading, 2003
Publisher: Bloodaxe Books

graphic for Peter Reading 2003, "delete"

Reading’s death statement features his “death mask on the cover.” His own consolations of “verse, viticulture and love” are mirrored in the extended swansong of Chinoiserie, a sequence of versions of the 8th-century Chinese poet Li Po, while the blunter associations of his title are encrypted in the book’s progressively shorter lyrics: obsolete, obscene and obit (he died). Now out of print, this book is included in Collected Poems Volume III: Poems 1997-2003 (2003, Bloodaxe).

Portions of this podcast are explicit and may contain adult language.

You may learn more about Peter Reading on the Lannan website. You may also watch a video of these poems being read by Peter Reading there as well.