Thomas Joshua Cooper – Artist Walk Through: Carry Me – Video

Recorded at the Lannan Foundation Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico on February 25, 2015. This was a private event.

An exhibition from the Lannan Collection featuring river images by Thomas Joshua Cooper, 28 February – 19 April 2015.

About the Exhibition:

Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home

While primarily known for his photographs of oceans and seas, Thomas Joshua Cooper has also set his sights on rivers across Europe, North America, South America, and Africa. Within his ongoing twenty-five-year-long project, The World’s Edge—The Atlantic Basin Project—An Atlas of Emptiness and Extremity, Cooper has made pictures (the artist is explicit that he makes rather than takes pictures) of major rivers on four continents including the Plate in Argentina, the Mississippi in the U.S., and the Rhine in Germany. Cooper also recently presented an exhibition in the U.K. of Scottish work entitled Scattered Waters: Sources, Streams and Rivers. In the accompanying catalogue he writes, “I have lived near, played by and travelled along these rivers during the 32 years that Scotland has been my home.”

You may learn more about this event on the Lannan website; you may also listen to the audio tour of this event there.