Audios and Videos now available on the Lannan podcast

We are in the process of adding many video recordings of Readings & Conversations events from the Lannan Video Library. In many cases, we also have audio versions of these events available and are adding cross links. If an audio is not available and the video is available, you can download the video file, open it in Quicktime software, and save as an audio file if you prefer.

Are you new to podcasting?

Podcasting is a new feature of the internet that allows you to easily download audio (or video) files to your computer and let the software automatically transfer it to your iPod or other MP3 music player. This means you can take the internet with you, and enjoy listening to Lannan events without being connected to your computer! You can learn more about “podcasting at Wikipedia”:

Although Lannan has over 300 hours of audio recordings on the main site, these were not available for personal downloads. We will be delivering new podcasts on a regular basis, so we invite you to subscribe, though it is not necessary.

What can you find here?

Lannan began podcasting in 2006. Only selected audio recordings of Lannan events are available for download. New programs will be released on a regular basis. The newest events will always be at the top of the page when you return. You can scroll down to see several, or view the Archives from each month using the links in the right column. Please keep in mind that the entry date is the date posted to the site, not the original date of the event. The original date is included in the title of each entry.

In addition, the Lannan Audio Archives present similar programs by national and international writers, poets, and social activists, at Listen to hundreds of hours of recorded programs from the likes of Seamus Heaney, Joy Harjo, Eduardo Galeano, Arundhati Roy, Jim Harrison, Edwidge Danticat, and Noam Chomsky. New programs are added every month to both the podcasts and the audio archives.

Lannan Videos – Watch on YouTube and Vimeo

We make 10-minute teaser videos available on YouTube. We also post full length video episodes on Vimeo.

How to listen in your web browser

You do not need an iPod to listen. You also do not need to subscribe to listen to a podcast. Simply find the episode you want by using the search box on our site and click on the link that says, “Listen to this event in your browser.” That will open a new window, and the audio message will begin to play using the free Quicktime software. You will see a large, blue Q. This may take a few moments to begin, depending on your internet connection speed. When you are finished listening, simply use your “back” button to return to the main podcast site.

If you get a question mark or a Q with a line through it, you will need to “download a free version of Quicktime. It takes just a few minutes to install.

How to subscribe with iTunes

Many people find it easiest to subscribe using iTunes. You can download this free software and use it to manage not only this podcast, but many others as well as your CD music collection. Once you have the free iTunes software installed on your computer, you can subscribe in one click.

If you don’t have iTunes yet, you can download the free software, for PC or Mac, at

  • Click here or on the icon on the right column of any page, and in less than a minute, that will take you directly to the Lannan page in the iTunes Music Store. (Lannan podcasts are free.) Once iTunes has opened, click on “Subscribe.”
  • Then click on “Settings” (in the lower right corner) to tell iTunes how many shows you want to keep and how you want to manage your Lannan podcasts.

Using RSS

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” Some email software will let you subscribe to RSS feeds right inside your email. You can also use RSS to save as a bookmark if you are using the “Firefox”: or Safari web browsers.

Additionally, there are many types of “podcatchers” that can manage your RSS feed for you. You will find additional instructions when you click on the Subscribe via RSS icon.

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4 thoughts on “Help

  1. Lindsey Hopton

    So cool! I had no idea there was even such a thing as Bloomsday! And while I haven’t read Ulysses since early college, I feel lucky to brush up on my Modernist literature with this podcast (not to mention the several other authors James Heffernan has obviously tackled). Maybe now the information will finally settle and reside! I love professors like this and I love podcasts. Thanks for being so awesome, James. If there were a polling system for the pope, I’d vote Stephen Colbert, too.

  2. Bob McCue

    I’m interested in Seamus Heaney. I very much enjoyed the conversation with Driscoll ans Dr. Heaney’s reading of his poems.

    Dr. Heaney visited the Lannan Institute on October 15, 1991, and the Institute published a VHS a-v of his lecture. Regrettably, my VHS tape has deteriorated. Hence, I’d like to acquire another(perhaps DVD version).

    Are you able to help me with this or , barring this, can you direct me to another source?

    Bob McCue

  3. alexdiaz

    Hi Sean,
    Thanks for contacting us. We will publish the video and audio of this event once we receive approval from his book publisher. I have inquired as to when that might be and hope to get a response soon. Thanks for understanding!

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